a collaborative research concerning on digital approaching in everyday architecture and urbanism to encourage the great mixtures of new media art and complex geometry for generating unlimited possibility of space and form (2007)


Paskalis Khrisno Ayodyantoro joined Han Awal and Partner Architects in 2008. He also has fully involved in the formation of the Rumah Asuh foundation with Varani Kosasih Lead by Yori Antar. The foundation vision is to save and preserve Indonesia’s architectural Heritage. The conservation of the Waerebo Village was one of his first project. These days, he also involves in other conservation projects in Indonesia, such as Sumba, and Papua. He is known for his active contribution in architecture publication in Indonesia. Together with Danny Wicaksono, Rafael Arsono, and Noerhadi, he co-founded the birth of jongArsitek! in 2008, a free-online architecture magazine. A magazine to keep the architectural discourse among the young Indonesian architects. The side interest of Paskalis is by founding Kotakotak, a collaborative artist group where new media art are researched to find the new posibility of human experience with spaces and form. These days, Paskalis is also enjoying travelling, photography, and researching about Architecture.